Apple Unveils New Power Mac, iMAC

Midrange Power Mac G5 includes dual 1.8GHz PowerPC 970 processors; new iMac boasts larger screen.

Apple Computer last week rolled out a new model in its Power Macintosh series and a new larger-screen version of its iMac desktop computer.

The midrange Power Macintosh G5 model includes dual 1.8GHz PowerPC 970 processors and costs $2,499. In addition, Apple dropped the price on the entry-level, single-1.6GHz-processor model to $1,799.

On the consumer front, Apples new iMac all-in-one computer, which sells for $2,199, is little changed from the existing lines, aside from the 20-inch LCD screen. Like the iMacs with 15- and 17-inch displays, the unit is based on a 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 processor and ships with 256MB of DDR333 SDRAM.