Apples Board Discovers Al Gore Rhythm

The purveyors of PowerBooks announces that the former vice president has joined its board of directors. The tech-savvy/ Gore, chided for his lack of a colorful person

Former Vice President Al Gore has joined the board of directors of Apple Computer, the company announced today.

Apple marks the second technology company the former vice-president has involved himself with. Gore already serves as a senior advisor to He is also a visiting professor at the University of California Los Angeles, Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University.

"Steve and his team have done an incredible job in making Apple once again the very best in the world," Gore said in a statement. "I have been particularly impressed with the new Mac OS X operating system and the companys commitment to the open source movement. And I am especially looking forward to working with and learning from the great board members who have guided this legendary companys inspiring resurgence."

As a member of the U.S. Congress 25 years ago, Gore popularized the term "Information Superhighway," and was instrumental in fighting for federal funds to assist in building what later became the Internet, according to Apple. Gore has also launched a public/private effort to wire every classroom and library in America to the Internet.