Apples Leopard Finally Shows Its Spots

After months of speculation, developers at Apple's WWDC learn specifics of the latest Mac OS X.

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs showed off the new Mac OS X Leopard at the Worldwide Developers Conference Aug. 7 in San Francisco.

While showing off the new operating system, Jobs joked with the audience that his company would not delve into the secret features planned to keep its longtime rival Microsoft from copying the system.

The new Leopard offers 64-bit computing along with 32-bit legacy support without emulation. The new operating system will also feature Time Machine, a feature that automatically backs up data.

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For example, users will be able to restore a specific file using a visual navigation function based on a timeline.

Leopard will include a feature called Spaces, which will allow users to manage different environments.

There are also improvement to Spotlight, a search feature, and the addition of Core Animation, which allows developers to create animation features.

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Leopard will also feature a new and improved iChat, as well as a new Dashboard feature that will contain some 2,500 Widgets.

Apple said it will offer its developers in attendance previews of Leopard as well as Xcode 3.0. The new operating system will be shipped in the spring of 2007.

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