Daily Video: Apple Pay is Reportedly Being Used to Commit Fraud

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Criminals are using Apple Pay to commit fraud by using credit card information stolen in breaches at Target and Home Depot.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the basic premise behind the alleged fraud is that the Apple Pay system does not require the physical card to be present, which is what helps enable the criminal activity.

Attackers can't use the credit card and Social Security number details from a data breach for much in stores, unless they actually make a physical card or set up a custom near-field communication transmitter, said Patrick Nielsen, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. In contrast, with Apple Pay, a fraudster just needs an iPhone.

Apple announced on Feb. 6, that its new Photos app will replace 13-year-old iPhoto. Now the company announced it also is phasing out Aperture, its professional-level photo-management software.

Aperture users were notified March 5 that the application will soon be removed from the App Store. Alternatively, Apple asked Aperture users to try out Photos, which is available now in Apple's OS X 10.10.3 open beta.

In an unlikely pairing, Microsoft and Google have agreed to work together on Angular 2, a new version of Google’s JavaScript application framework for building websites and applications. Under the partnership, the companies will work on merging their two separate JavaScript technologies into one common platform.

Microsoft's Azure Search, available in preview since last summer, is now generally available, announced Tiffany Wissner, a senior director in Microsoft's Data Platform unit, on March 5.

Microsoft is billing the cloud-based service for developers as a shortcut to rich research experiences on smartphones, tablets and browser-based apps.

Wissner explained that Azure search simplifies the process of implementing full-text search and helps developers differentiate their applications through powerful features not available with other search packages.

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