Daily Video: Next Apple MacBook Air Rumored to Feature 12-Inch Display

The latest MacBook Air rumors call for the next-generation devices to include 12-inch displays while sporting thinner and smaller overall device sizes. A Jan. 6 report by VentureBeat adds that the next MacBook Air will be even more compact than the existing 11-inch MacBook Air models.

According to rumors, coming MacBook Air models will include an edge-to-edge keyboard that eliminates much of the spaces between the keys and the edges of the body, as well as narrower keys, relocated speaker grills and ventilation holes with fewer ports than previous models, the story reported.

According to public comments made by the Federal Communications Commission's chairman on Jan. 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show, the agency will vote Feb. 26 on new net neutrality rules that could define Internet service providers as utilities. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the proposals will not allow ISPs to block or slow down Websites and won't allow content companies to pay premium rights for faster access for their content.

Figures released Jan. 7 by Website analytics firm StatCounter show that Google's search market share in December dropped to 75.2 percent of all U.S. search referrals, compared with 77.3 percent in November. Yahoo's share, meanwhile, went up from 8.6 percent in November to 10.4 percent in December. This appears to be the direct result of Mozilla's decision in November to make Yahoo the default search engine on its Firefox browser.

Microsoft has nixed the registration requirement for the Office for Android Tablet preview, according to a recent blog post. Now, anyone can go to Google Play and download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android preview apps.

Launched two months ago, the program was designed to gather feedback for Office's leap to tablets powered by Google's popular Android mobile operating system. The move follows last year's launch of the long-awaited Office for iPad apps.

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