Jamf Provides Day-Zero Support for Apple's iOS 12, tvOS 12

Today’s topics include Jamf launching day-zero support for iOS 12 and tvOS 12, and Google announcing Stackdriver workspaces for monitoring cloud resources.

Minneapolis-based Jamf, which specializes in Apple enterprise ecosystem management, revealed Sept. 14 that it is the first to offer both compatibility and key feature support for Apple’s iOS 12 and tvOS 12 operating systems, both of which became generally available on Sept. 17.

For more than a decade, Jamf has offered day-zero support for all Apple releases, which allows IT administrators and end users access to new Apple capabilities the day they become available. This includes advanced password sharing restrictions, OAuth support for Exchange, automatic date and time setting, tvOS apps, and Apple Business Manager.

Additionally, compatibility and key feature support for macOS Mojave will be available in an upcoming release of Jamf Pro in time for the release of Mojave’s general availability on Sept. 24.

Google has announced Stackdriver Workspaces, a tool that enterprises can use to monitor workloads and computing resources across Google Cloud Platform, on-premises and Amazon Web Services environments. With it, organizations can better organize and manage data from all of the tools used to monitor workloads in the cloud, such as Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring, Stackdriver APM and OpenCensus.

According to Google Product Manager Mary Koes and Solutions Architect Charles Baer, "Workspaces can track your existing GCP projects, which form the basis for managing permissions and resources within GCP.” It can also be used to track any AWS accounts that an organization might want to monitor.

A Workspace contains dashboards, alerting policies, uptime checks and group definitions, and enterprises can organize access to Stackdriver Workspaces in a variety of ways, including by team function, by organization and by environment.