LoopUp Adds Single Sign-On to Premium Remote Meetings

Conference call provider streamlines user administration and sign-in, boosts security in its latest version.


Sometimes less works better than more when it comes to feature sets for software services, especially the ones people use on a daily basis.

Take conference calls, for instance. It can be a royal pain to dial a 10-digit number, add another lengthy code number, and then punch in a participant or organizer code as a third requirement—which is becoming more common.

LoopUp, a London-based communications software provider, has figured out how to do away with all the numbers dialing in order to conduct a decent conference call. The company’s SaaS-based remote meetings service combines high-quality audio conferencing with one-click screen sharing.

All a user needs to do to start or join a meeting is go to the LoopUp app on a PC, add a phone number, and click it on. Your phone rings, and you’re in the conference. No muss, no fuss, no codes.

Best data point of all: LoopUp doesn’t require training or overwhelm users with unnecessary features.

As for news from LoopUp, the company on July 27 released its new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

LoopUp also announced that it now integrates with SAML-based identity providers such as OneLogin, Okta, Ping Identity and Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) to deliver single sign-on to enterprise customers. Support for SSO is available at no extra cost to LoopUp customers, co-CEO and co-founder Steve Flavell told eWEEK. Michael Hughes is the other co-CEO and co-founder.

“Experience is at the core of everything we do, from addressing the common pain points on conference calls, to our customer service practices, and even our transparent billing,” Flavell said. “By offering SSO to our customers for free, we’re able to further streamline the process of onboarding and managing users, as well as make the sign-in process even easier and more secure.”

As part of its support for SSO, LoopUp also now offers enterprise customers the ability to auto-provision users. With SSO including auto-provisioning, LoopUp customers benefit from greater security, simplified user administration, and an intuitive, familiar sign-in experience for users.

“Our mobile app provides a great experience for workers on-the-go, but the most common use case is actually in the office,” Flavell said. “Our users like to control their meetings from their mobile device while speaking into a desk or conference room phone. This allows them to see who’s on and who’s talking, mute background noise or add guests even while their primary screen, like their laptop, is being shared or is presenting.”

The latest version of the LoopUp mobile app includes:

  • Call start alerts: LoopUp’s patented call start alerts notify hosts on their mobile device when their first guest joins their meeting, ensuring you’re never late and never leave guests waiting on hold.
  • Support for single sign-on (SSO): LoopUp customers can enable SSO to simplify user administration and sign-in on mobile and desktop.
  • Email and calendar agnostic: Users can create and copy a meeting invite into any email or calendar application on their mobile device.
  • Support for delegates: Users who manage conference calls on behalf of others can easily create meeting invites directly from the app.
  • Screen share viewing: Guests can view screen sharing on any device.
  • New, modern user interface: A streamlined user experience on mobile enables greater collaboration for users on-the-go.

LoopUp went public in August 2016 on the London Stock Exchange. More than 2,000 enterprises worldwide are LoopUp customers, including Travelex, Kia Motors America, Planet Hollywood, National Geographic and Subaru.

Go here for a one-month free trial. For more information, go here.

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