Review: Apples 20-Inch iMac

Apple's 20-inch iMac is possibly the prettiest computer we've seen, says PC Magazine.

Apple iMacs are always beautifully designed, but the latest, a $2,199 (direct) system with a gorgeous 20-inch flat screen (up from 17), is almost too striking to relegate to a desktop. The super-sized display is a joy to view whether youre watching movies, surfing the Web, or even crunching numbers.

This iMac marks a high point for Apples midrange desktops (the CRT eMacs are for thrifty shoppers while PowerPCs are for more demanding users), but it may have a hard time finding a market. At $400 more than the 17-inch iMac, which has identical specs save for the monitor, the system may seem expensive to those looking for a home computer—and limited upgradeability is a liability in offices.

The 20-inch screen is a knockout, though. It has a maximum resolution of 1,680-by-1,050 and the vast real estate gives room for two open pages and then some. Like other iMac flat screens, this one produces a sharp, vivid picture with a wide viewing angle. Though large, the screen adjusts with little effort and stays firmly in place.


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