Bill Malik

With more than 30 years of experience as a respected industry analyst, consultant and speaker, Ziff Davis Contributing Editor Bill Malik brings perspective and insight matched by few in the industry today.As President and Founder of Malik Consulting, Bill focuses on the use and benefits that well-designed IT organizations, architectures, technology selection, and operations can bring – and how to achieve and sustain that plateau of productivity and security.Bill has been in IT for over thirty-three years. He began as a COBOL programmer at an insurance company in Boston in 1974, went into systems programming in 1976, and joined IBM in Poughkeepsie NY in 1978. While there, he held key roles in development, testing, business planning, and strategic planning for IBM's high end operating systems. In 1990 he joined Gartner where he started and led the Information Security Strategies service and managed the Applications Integration and Middleware service, and participated in long range futurology.Following a stint with KPMG LLP's Information Risk Management area, Bill became CTO of Waveset, a start-up in Identity Management. Waveset was acquired by Sun at the end of 2003, and Mr. Malik became Sun's Director of Security Marketing. He has written extensively on data center best practices, systems management, information security, identity management, privacy, and the long range future.

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