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Most Businesses Pledge Support for Employee’s Personal Apple iPads

An informal survey by server and desktop virtualization specialist Citrix Systems found an overwhelming majority of businesses would support the adoption of Apple's iPad, which has moved 2 million...

VAR, MSP Mergers and Acquisitions Space Gains Momentum

Doug Ford was never looking for any kind of exit strategy when he started up The I.T. Pros, a San Diego-based IT solution provider and MSP that has grown...

Is Android Ready for MS Exchange Integration and Cloud CRM?

Google Android devices have surpassed Apple's iPhone market share during the first quarter, according to a new market research report. That was quick, huh?Even though Google says it "is...

Demand Rises and Prices Stabilize in Outsourced Tech Job Market

Dollars are beginning to flow again as pent up demand for technology refreshes, project work and security is finally coming to market and IT budgets are being spent again,...

Can IT Services Prices Hold Steady?

After cutting IT budgets back to the bone over the last few years and negotiating prices way down during the recession, is it time for IT solution providers and...

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