David Hubbard

David Hubbard is President and CEO at RELDATA, Inc. He joined the company in February 2007 as COO and was promoted to CEO in August 2007. David has an impressive track record of executive leadership at storage and networking vendors. His career of over 25 years includes President at Radware (IP networking solutions), Executive VP/GM at QLogic (SAN storage solutions), Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Inrange/Computerm (WAN storage solutions), Senior Director of Marketing at Computer Network Technology, and various executive roles at Digital Equipment Corporation. He can be reached at david.hubbard@reldata.com.

How to Get the Most out of Server Virtualization

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_%282%29.jpgVirtualization is billed as the silver bullet for a host of business IT challenges. It seems to offer all the answers, from increased application availability and simplified disaster recovery,...

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