Drew Robb

Drew Robb is a Contributing Writer for eWeek. He has been a full-time professional writer and editor for more than twenty years. He currently works freelance for a number of IT publications, including eSecurity Planet, ServerWatch, and CIO Insight. He is also the editor-in-chief of an international engineering magazine.

Neural Networks vs. Deep Learning

Find out the similarities and differences that exist between neural networks and deep learning and their role in modern AI.

Generative AI vs. AI

Discover how AI in general differs from generative AI and how they combine to improve decision making, accuracy and results.

Generative AI vs. Machine Learning

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that is designed to generate content, including text, images, video and music. It uses large language models and algorithms to analyze...

GPT4 vs. Elmar

GPT4 and ELMAR are both artificial intelligence tools that help companies perform a number of important tasks. But which one is best for your business's purposes? GPT4 is the...

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

Machine learning and deep learning are both core technologies of artificial intelligence. Yet there are key differences between them: Machine learning is a technique used to help computers learn using...

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