Edmund Ronald

Photoshop CS2s Filters Take Sharpening to New Level

Hello, and welcome back to our tour of Adobe Photoshop CS2. This tour is intended specifically for photographers, and it visits areas where extensive renovation has taken place. In the...

Microsoft: The Bull in the Color Shop

Microsoft is becoming more color-aware. In fact Microsoft, with input from Canon, plans a complete rewrite of the color game planin its Windows Color System integrated in the upcoming...

A Wish List for Photoshop

Photoshop CS2 has now been now out for a while, and, looking forward, I guess Adobe is finalizing the feature list for the CS3 version. This might be the...

Pros Appetite for Megapixels Is Sated

The megapixel race may have peaked. It seems to me that most pro photographers feel their cameras resolution is now high enough. Instead of more pixels, they would like...

Exploring the Cellular Frontier

Need a phone in Japan? The Vodafone counter at Tokyo Narita airport will sell you a phone with a prepaid card for around a hundred dollars, less of a...

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