Imad Mouline

Imad Mouline is CTO of Gomez. Imad is a veteran of software architecture, research and development. Imad is a recognized expert in Web application development, testing and performance management. Imad's breadth of expertise spans Web 2.0, cloud computing, Web browsers, Web application architecture and infrastructure, and software as a service. Prior to Gomez, Imad was CTO at S1 Corp. He can be reached at

Managing Capacity for Performance: How to Ensure End-to-End Scalability for Web 2.0 Applications

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How to Use Load Testing 2.0 to Ensure High Performance for Web 2.0 Applications

Web 2.0 is often described as an evolution, from the Web-as-information source (that is, Web 1.0) to the Web as a more engaging, participatory medium. The Web page has...

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