Jennifer L. DeLeo

Jennifer L. DeLeo is an Associate Editor for When not ogling over kooky clocks and strange USB products, she is involved in various geeky tasks. Her pride and joy is writing the popular top ten products series, reporting on some of the wackiest and coolest tech around including High-Tech Umbrellas, Disgusting Tech, Unsinkable Gadgets, and Wacky Toasters.She is involved with editing news stories, conducting search engine optimization, and testing various digital photo frames.In addition, she's a regular contributor to PC Magazine's gadget blog,, where she writes under the name of 'The Weird Hunter'. Catch her every week on Gearlog Radio as co-host.Jennifer has a Master's Degree in Web Publishing from New York University and a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University at Albany. She enjoys kayaking, scrapbooking, bicyling, concerts, movies, and reading.

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