Jo Hoppe

Jo Hoppe is CIO at Pegasystems. She is responsible for designing and building a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise solutions that exploit the intrinsic business advantages of Pegasystems' rules-based BPM technology. Hoppe has held a wide range of positions in Fortune 500 companies. Her business background is international in scope and has included assignments in information-technology, software-product development, marketing, P&L management, and operations. Prior to joining Pegasystems, Hoppe was an executive at CMGI, a $1.2B global Internet holding company, where she held the dual role of EVP/CIO of CMGI and CTO of uBID, CMGI's $750M online auction and eCommerce business. She also managed a host of other operational responsibilities in this position, including asset management and warehousing, corporate travel, Amex administration, and group purchasing. Before her CMGI assignment, Hoppe held CIO positions at Addison Wesley Longman and Houghton Mifflin Co. Prior to that, she was VP and General Manager with Atex Media Solutions, where she also gained 12 years of software-development experience. She can be reached at

How to Remain Competitive: Build, Buy or BPM

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_(2).jpgTraditionally, when looking to introduce a new business application into an existing business environment, an IT manager would first draft high-level business requirements for the application and then conduct...

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