Max Bardon

Max Bardon is the COO and President of, the leading online resource for ensuring people can connect with one another.'s proprietary database represents more than 80% of the U.S. adult population. It is a widely-used resource among consumers and emergency responders in the aftermath of disasters in order to locate family and friends. The company routinely provides customized disaster resource information for consumers impacted by disaster, including last year's devastating fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina. Max is a passionate advocate about emergency preparedness to ensure that consumers understand the steps they need to take to best protect themselves. He can be reached at

How to Get Your Business Ready Before Disaster Gets Your Business

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_(2).jpg Disaster can strike promptly and without warning-forcing you and your co-workers to evacuate your workplace in a hurry. In the past few weeks alone, we've witnessed destructive tornadoes in...

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