Michael Hickins

Sign of the Times: Bots Earning More Credibility Than People

Remember 2019? That may have been the last time anyone wondered about the dangers of artificial intelligence. There’s no point restating the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic hammered people and...

Why Most People Trust Robots Over Other People for Mental Health

When Dak Prescott made public his struggles with mental health, the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys was met with public statements of support—and some derision as well. To...

How the Pandemic is Teaching Tech Some Crossover Moves

The long-term impact of COVID-19 will be written not just in the acceleration of remote work and the concomitant adoption of enabling technologies such as cloud, collaboration tools and...

How to Make Cloud Pricing More Transparent

Cloud has inspired almost as much evangelical fervor as open source computing, particularly in the heady 2000s. The advent of cloud computing seemed to render traditional enterprise software vendors...

Recognizing the Right Stuff in Cloud Security

A plethora of cybersecurity breaches at both public and private sector entities over the past few months shows not only how far the industry has to go to shore...

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