Oliver Rist

Oliver Rist is the lead analyst for networking and small-business technology at PC Magazine. He began his technology journalism career as a copy editor at PC Magazine in 1992. Since then, he has tumbled down a slippery slope of geek gigs, including technical editor positions at Computer Shopper and InternetWeek as well as almost ten years of freelance technology journalism for publications including InfoWorld, InformationWeek, Network Computing and SD Times, among others. These jobs garnered him vast stores of marginally useful technology trivia, three online writing awards, and a dangerous lack of social graces.In 1997, he co-founded the Advanced Network Computing Lab at the University of Hawaii, which remains one of the largest independent testing facilities in the country. In 1999, he joined The Realm, an online real estate software solutions provider, as Sr. VP of Product Management. And in 2003, he co-founded FB2 Corp., a New York-based software manufacturer and IT consultancy targeting the real estate property-management vertical. Oliver enjoys scuba diving, motorcycling, and wood working.

Leopard Is the New Vista, and It’s Ticking Me Off

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