Pete Dailey

Pete Dailey is an Integrated Program Manager in the Consumer Communications Practice of Stratecast (a division of Frost & Sullivan). He is also a Senior Strategy Analyst there. Pete contributes frequently to the Multichannel Video Programming and Distribution research module, and to the Mobility and Wireless research module. Pete brings 20 years of experience in telecommunications finance, market research, and consulting and operations management to the table. Pete initially worked for Frost & Sullivan from 1993 to 2001, making Partner in 1998. During this time, Pete held roles in sales, consulting and research management. In 2001, Pete co-founded Broadband Solutions, Inc., a wholesale digital cable television operation in Seoul, Korea. Pete exited Broadband Solutions through a sale to Dacom in 2004. During Pete's hiatus from Frost & Sullivan, he was also a General Partner in Startup Venture Group, a private equity firm. There, Pete managed early-stage investments in the consumer media and telecom sector. He rejoined Frost & Sullivan in 2007. Pete has been widely cited in the press and has been a frequent public speaker. In addition to domain knowledge in media and telecommunications, Pete has a strong international profile, and academic concentrations in economics and finance. Pete has a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He can be reached at***********************************************Disclosure Statement: Pete Dailey has a direct beneficial ownership position in Apple (AAPL).

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