Stephanie Teng

Wal-Mart Adds SuSE-Based PCs As Linux Offerings Grow has added the SuSE distribution to its PC lineup, and PC consumers can now purchase the Linux-based machines for under $300.The Microtel-designed systems will run SuSEs 8.2 operating...

Intel Will Produce WiMAX Silicon

Intel announced its intent on Wednesday to develop chips to support WiMAX, the wireless broadband solution known as 802.16a.The long-standing chip company announced its intentions to endorse the standard...

Wireless Product Showcase

T-Mobile Color SidekickDescription: A portable communication device manufactured by Danger Inc. that boasts e-mail, instant messaging service, and internet browsing in addition to the features of a normal cellular...

TI Tech Lets Bluetooth, 802.11 Play Together

Wireless consumers will soon be able to purchase devices with a TI technology that enables them to use 802.11 wireless local area networking and Bluetooth technologies simultaneously.Texas Instruments announced...

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