Steven Davis

Mr. Davis, is an entrepreneurial leader with exceptional technical skills that are used regularly in support of security design and implementation efforts. He directly manages the delivery of ITGS professional services, SecurePlay product development and support services. His depth of technical expertise, combined with his extensive management background, is pivotal to explaining the relevance of security technology investments to today's senior executives.His 17 years of expertise has been essential to business growth at TRW, CSC, Bell Atlantic, and SAIC. He has served as Network Security Manager for U.S. Treasury on the Treasury Communications System (TCS) program. Mr. Davis was the Lead Support Security Engineer for the implementation of a major US Government Agency's effort to re-architect its entire Information Technology infrastructure with more than 40 years of legacy computing equipment. He defined the system architecture to support on-line computer crime investigations over the Internet for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) National Computer Crime Squad (NCCS).At Bell Atlantic, Mr. Davis was the Manager for Information Security in the Information Technology organization. Mr. Davis served as Associate Technical Director for the Product and System Test and Integration (PST&I) contract where he provided requirements analysis, design, and INFOSEC support to the Multi-level Information System Security Initiative (MISSI). Mr. Davis led the security profile and evaluation effort for a critical portion of the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS). Mr. Davis was senior engineer for the development of the first Virtual Private Network over Intelink - the Intelligence Community's Web. He also designed and courses for installation and use of early FORTEZZA smart cards including messaging (X.400, SMTP/MIME and MSP (Message Security Protocol)), public key technology and infrastructures.Mr. Davis holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California-Berkeley. He obtained his Masters Degree from George Washington University in Security Policy Studies. He holds two patents and three pending patents for innovative security solutions.

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