Celonis Launches IT’s First Execution Management System

eWEEK IT NEWS ANALYSIS: The system introduces a new set of applications, instruments, a development studio and platform capabilities, all designed to help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, management, actions and automation.


Under-the-general-radar but highly successful IT unicorn Celonis had a big day Oct. 14, launching what it called the world’s first execution management system and augmenting the platform by acquiring Integromat, a highly respected online automation platform, for $100 million.

The two companies have worked together on solutions for more than four years, so the integration was a natural one. Integromat improves the automation capabilities of Celonis' Execution Management System. It also bolsters Munich-based Celonis’ ability to find and better utilize execution capacity trapped inside rigid and complex legacy systems by intelligently automating actions across hundreds of systems in a scalable and intuitive way. 

The system introduces a new set of applications, instruments, a development studio and platform capabilities, all designed to help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, management, actions and automation, CEO Alex Rinke told eWEEK.

This type of execution management isn’t about crime and punishment; it’s about getting various parts of an IT system to work together efficiently and with as little friction as possible. The new EMS’s whole purpose is to eliminate system complexity, considered by most IT admins as the No. 1 capacity killer in business.

Core processes sometimes do not play well together

Enterprises run their core processes and operations through a complex mix of hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of individual systems from different vendors (and versions) that often do not play well together. The complexity of this rigid and fragmented system environment traps execution capacity, hampering business performance.

Celonis’s EMS, available either as a cloud service or as an on-site server app, works a level above processes and systems and connects all the pertinent dots in real time. It uses its respected process mining core app to draw data from underlying systems and identify and measure capacity barriers. 

Process mining is an analytical method for discovering, monitoring and improving IT processes by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in information systems. Process mining offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from those event logs, that help you audit, analyze and improve existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

The new Celonis EMS system then provides the best-in-class knowledge, actions and automation to systematically remove these constraints, Rinke said.

Companies using the Celonis Execution Management System are constantly identifying more capacity in their business, Rinke said. In finance and administration, the average touchless invoice rate is only 27%, where Celonis EMS customers often achieve 90%. 

In the supply chain, the average on-time delivery rate is only at 43%, while Celonis EMS customers can achieve more than 95%. In customer service, the average Net Promoter Score is 32, compared to a score that is more than double for Celonis EMS customers who regularly achieved scores of more than 70.

What's new in the package

New additions and updates include:

Celonis Execution Instruments: Formerly known as process mining analytics applications, Celonis has more than 170 instruments that enable process professionals to measure their current execution capacity and identify execution gaps. 

Celonis Execution Applications: Formerly known as Operational Applications, available Celonis Execution Applications include: Celonis Opportunity Management, Celonis Accounts Payable, Celonis Accounts Receivable. These data driven applications measure execution capacity in real time, know which execution gaps have the biggest business impact, and provide the best-in-class actions to remove these barriers. Celonis Execution Applications can both automate routine decisions and activate the right people to take hands-on actions. 

Celonis Studio: The new Celonis development studio allows ecosystem partners and customers to create Execution Instruments and Applications. Celonis also unveiled the first Execution Applications built by partners, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Value Mining by Camelot, Controls Excellence by Protiviti and Value Added Tax (VAT) Control by Zailution, which all can be found in the Celonis EMS Store.

The Celonis Execution Management System will be showcased at the free Celonis World Tour, seven live streaming events taking place Nov. 3-18.  For more information, go here.

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