Datawatch Enables DIY Data Science With Swarm 2.2

NEW-PRODUCT NEWS: Who’d have thought that one day we would have self-service data science software available? The day of “citizen data scientists” may actually be here.


Any IT manager knows that it’s difficult to find and hire enterprise data scientists who can write good analytics queries, interpret the results clearly and efficiently, and also be able to explain important trends to C-level execs and business analysts.

Along those same lines, who’d have thought that one day we would have self-service data science software available? The day of “citizen data scientists” may actually be here.

Datawatch on Dec. 11 launched Datawatch Swarm 2.2, a cloud- or on-premises-based data science platform that addresses the longstanding DS problem with built-in automation that connects data scientists with business analysts to better move advanced analytics across the entire organization without increasing headcount.

The integration between Swarm and Datawatch Angoss creates the industry’s only enterprise data intelligence marketplace that acts as a virtual exchange of trusted data and an execution environment for every data role in an organization, Datawatch said. 

Swarm empowers every individual, department and organization with advanced intelligence and insight into how data can be used to drive further team collaboration, socialization and support of data governance practices, the company said.

Datawatch claims the following benefits:

  • Expands the variety of data accessible for analysis by facilitating ingestion, preparation and analysis of complex data sources that are currently beyond the reach of analysts and business users.
  • Increases the range of analytics capabilities available to users by deploying tools in areas such as data preparation, self-service analytics and augmented analytics.
  • Makes advanced analytics accessible to a wider audience by embracing the role of the citizen data scientist.

With this latest release, Datawatch Swarm improves the accessibility of advanced analytics by finding data science resources and models more effectively and giving data scientists easier access to curated, trusted data sets from the line-of-business users who possess the context.

Newest features in this release include:

  • New graphical flow-based UI: A redesigned visual experience makes Swarm the only analytics solution on the market that allows users to work with data in a spreadsheet-like grid view or a graphical flow view. Users can toggle back and forth between the views to quickly and easily navigate their workspaces. The UI is approachable and intuitive for all users, regardless of their background and experience with other data platforms.
  • Greater collaboration and controls: Allows businesses to easily connect data scientists with the lines of business in a controlled, compliant workspace that scales advanced analytics resources and skill sets across the entire organization.
  • Detailed information cards: Users have more trust in their data thanks to information cards that deliver the granular history on every data asset, making it easier to understand where data came from and how it has been transformed and used.
  • Advanced automation: More robust, trigger-based automation makes it easier for enterprises to ensure the workspaces and outputs are always based on the latest, most trusted information by automatically rerunning reports when new data is made available.
  • More connected data sources: Business users see a more complete picture with the ability to connect to more data sources, including Google, Tableau and SharePoint, along with a number of new custom connectors for SAP HANA, AWS Redshift, Teradata and Cloudera.

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