Google, Informatica Form Partnership to Help Companies Manage APIs

The Goal of the API management partnership is to make it easier for enterprises to connect applications across public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, both companies say.

Google, Informatica API partnership

Google and Informatica have announced a partnership aimed at helping enterprises more easily connect applications and services across multi-vendor cloud and on-premise environments. 

The partnership gives organizations a unified platform—the Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee—to develop, manage and integrate application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect applications and data, the two companies announced this week. 

The partnership allows "organizations to quickly leverage data and applications that are deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments," Informatica announced July 12.  Enterprises will be more easily able to develop APIs for accessing applications, data and metadata across cloud and on-premise environments and take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence-driven recommendations provided by Informatica CLAIRE intelligent platform, according to company executives. 

In a blog July 12, Ed Anuff, the director of product and strategy at Google Apigee described the collaboration as designed to helping companies deliver new business functionality via APIs.   

"As enterprise API programs gain traction, organizations are looking to ensure that they can seamlessly connect data and applications across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, with secure, manageable and monetizable APIs," Anuff said. 

Developers need a way to quickly build and deliver the APIs that allow users, partners and employees to access applications and services across environments, he said. 

In recent years, APIs have played a key role in helping organizations extend and complement the functionality of their applications by making it easier for them to connect their apps to other third-party applications and services. 

A travel website for instance might use an API to connect with a third party provider of a weather app or an airline website might use an API to connect with an application or a website for hotel reservations. Many believe that APIs are critical to enabling the connectivity needed for true digital transformation. 

Google Apigee is an API management platform that is designed to help developers design, secure, deploy and monitor the multitude of APIs company use to integrate applications and data. The company acquired the technology through its $625 million purchase of Apigee in 2016. 

At the time, Google's senior vice president of cloud services Diane Greene had described Apigee as technology being widely used by hundreds of companies worldwide to manage the APIs enabling partners to link to internal apps and services. Among them Walgreens, AT&T, First Data and Live Nation. 

Greene had touted Apigee's API platform as key to helping such organizations enable the connectivity and interactions needed for digital interactions of the future. Informatica's Integration Platform as a Service meanwhile is designed to help companies integrate data, applications and processes on premises and across multi-vendor cloud environments. 

The collaboration with Informatica will make it easier for developers to enable this sort of integration and connectivity, Anuff said. Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee will give developers a way to add policies for discovering and invoking integration processes for connecting applications and services, he noted. 

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

Vijayan is an award-winning independent journalist and tech content creation specialist covering data security and privacy, business intelligence, big data and data analytics.