KPMG Jumps onto the Bot Train with Google Cloud Implementation

KPMG’s Intelligent Interactions uses machine learning, AI and data analytics to automate customer experiences and touchpoints through five main channels: voice, chatbots, virtual assistants, search and email.


IT integrator and consultancy KPMG International on July 25 announced an integration of its Intelligent Interactions solution with Google Cloud’s new Contact Center AI, an artificial intelligence package that combines multiple artificial intelligence (AI) products to improve the customer service experience and productivity of contact centers.

It was the second announcement at the Google Next ’18 conference in San Francisco involving the “training” and use of chat bots and other AI tools for ecommerce and other use cases. Genesys made a similar announcement the day prior.

KPMG’s Intelligent Interactions uses machine learning (ML), AI and data and analytics to automate and enhance customer experiences and touchpoints through five main channels: voice, chatbots, virtual assistants, search and email.

When integrated with Contact Center AI─a solution that allows enterprises with limited ML expertise to deploy AI in their contact centers─KPMG said that clients can improve the quality of customer service and gain new insights with data and analytics. 

Key features of KPMG’s Intelligent Interactions integration with Contact Center AI include:

  • Offering customers proactive outreach, relevant choices and expeditious service from virtual conversational agents that automatically chat with customers.
  • Enhancing human contact center agents and channels with AI to help improve service by receiving automatic suggestions and articles to answer customer concerns.
  • Ability to provide a live agent with full context of the virtual agent conversation.
  • Generates actionable analytics to distill trends and influence new product and service creation.
  • Increases revenue and profitability through higher customer satisfaction and the resulting competitive advantage.
  • Extracts email topics and customer sentiment to generate intelligent responses and predict which templates agents need to resolve customer issues.  

The integration uses KPMG’s industry and functional experience with Google Cloud’s wide-ranging data analytics and ML platform built for large-scale elasticity and stability, security and performance. KPMG said it has decades of experience in architecting and integrating enterprise contact center solutions in many industries.   

Through its strategic alliance with Google, KPMG said it has has certified more than 65 Google Cloud consultants and established an innovation lab to help clients integrate the latest Google Cloud technologies, including the Contact Center AI, into their business and operating models.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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