Microsoft Unveils Azure Data Lake Services, U-SQL Query Language

Today's topics include Microsoft introduces U-SQL query language, Cisco is moving into the data preparation space, AMD makes a commercial PC push with its Pro A-Series APUs, and Citizen developers are gaining more power.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced new Azure Data Lake services along with a new query language called U-SQL. Azure Data Lake Analytics includes U-SQL, a language that unifies the benefits of SQL with the expressive power of a developer's own code.

In addition, Microsoft announced Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio, which provide an integrated development environment that spans the Azure Data Lake and simplifies authoring, debugging and optimization for processing and analytics.

Cisco Systems has been making a strong push into the data analytics field over the past year, part of its larger effort to become the foundational technology provider for the booming Internet of things. Now Cisco is getting into another part of the process: data preparation. On September 29, the networking vendor announced it formed a partnership with Paxata to create the Cisco Data Preparation platform, which will offer hardware, software and services that will help businesses more easily gather, cleanse, combine and enrich the data to get it ready for analysis.

Advanced Micro Devices is making commercial PCs the top priority in its drive to consistent profitability after years of having the bulk of its PC revenue come from the more volatile consumer market. AMD has been talking up the capabilities of its accelerated processing units (APUs) that lend themselves to the corporate PC space. Last year the chip maker established a unit dedicated to the market. It also launched the Pro A-Series brand of APUs for the commercial segment.

According to a recent survey, Citizen developers are gaining an increasing amount of power and flexibility in the enterprise because they are able to build apps for their own specialized uses. Citizen developers are those not necessarily sanctioned by corporate IT. They survey, conducted by Intuit QuickBase, set out to learn more about how its customers were capitalizing on the citizen development trend. Results indicate that citizen developers are becoming increasingly empowered to build their own applications.

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