Oracle Launches Intelligence Map for Close Look at Internet

Free-of-charge dashboard offers insight into the impact of internet disruptions.

Oracle isn’t trying to challenge Google Maps for GPS superiority, but on June 13 it did make available something called an Internet Intelligence Map—an item Google hasn’t shown anybody yet.

The idea is to provide users with a simple, graphical way to track the health of the internet and gain insight into the impact of events such as natural disasters or state-imposed interruptions.

The map is part of Oracle’s new Internet Intelligence initiative, which aims to provides insight and analysis on the state of global internet infrastructure.

To access the free Internet Intelligence Map, go here.

Analysis That Offers Core Analytics on Internet Security

Oracle’s Internet Intelligence team frequently publishes objective data and analysis that informs public understanding of the technical underpinnings of the internet and its effects on topics like geopolitics and e-commerce. With the release of the Intelligence Map, Oracle is now making core analytic capabilities available to everyone.

Using one of the world’s most comprehensive internet performance data sets and backed by years of research and analytics, Oracle says it has developed a high-level resource for reliable information on the functioning of the internet.

“The internet is the world’s most important network, yet it is incredibly volatile. Disruptions on the internet can affect companies, governments, and network operators in profound ways,” Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the general manager for Oracle’s Dyn Global Business Unit, said in a media advisory.

“As a result, all of these stakeholders need better visibility into the health of the global internet. With this offering, we are delivering on our commitment to making it a better, more stable experience for all who rely on it.”

Country-Level Connectivity Statistics

The Internet Intelligence Map presents country-level connectivity statistics based on traceroutes, BGP and DNS query volumes on a single dashboard. By presenting these three dimensions of internet connectivity side-by-side, users can investigate the impact of an issue on internet connectivity worldwide.

The Internet Intelligence Map is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which offers a set of core infrastructure services to provide customers the ability to run any workload in the cloud.

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