SnapLogic Brings Integration to Adobe Cloud Platform

SnapLogic is providing intelligent connectors, or Snaps, which will bring together all of an organization’s customer data--from CRM, marketing automation, campaign management, content management, marketing analytics and others--into Adobe Cloud.


When Adobe, the international creative-content and marketing product and service giant, combined its flotilla of cloud-based marketing and customer-facing functions into what it called the Adobe Experience Cloud last year, it did so despite lacking a key component: a new-gen data integrator to facilitate and optimize all that data movement.

Now that’s been rectified. SnapLogic, which specializes in self-service application and data integration, revealed on March 27 at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas that it is collaborating with Adobe to close the CX (customer experience) gap it was experiencing.

For the new partnership, SnapLogic is providing new intelligent connectors, or Snaps, which will bring together all of an organization’s customer data--from CRM, marketing automation, campaign management, content management, marketing analytics and other marketing systems--into Adobe Cloud Platform.

“Our news today plus the news of Salesforce buying Mulesoft last week points to that fact that ‘no platform is an island,’” CEO Gaurav Dhillon told eWEEK. “All these guys are waking up to the fact that to be successful at scale, you need to connect these platforms to all the platforms that came before and to some news ones that are coming in with AI (artificial intelligence) at the same time.”

With free-flowing data between Adobe’s top-rated marketing platform and a host of other marketing solutions, SnapLogic said that marketers can better rely on the quality and accuracy of their data, make smarter and more timely decisions and engage the customer in the right way at the right time in the customer online experience.

Adobe had developed a large but disparate number of content-creation, digital marketing, advertising and campaign-building services, has brought all of them together onto its centrally managed cloud platform. Content creators use one suite of tools to design documents for various types of deployments (web advertising, email, broadcast, video), create marketing campaigns across those channels, turn dials on all the controls, then collect analytics data on everything that happens in order to determine the level of success it renders.

Customers are really in charge when it comes to buying goods and services, and marketers know that if their experience with a brand or vendor falls short, they will go elsewhere. Brands require solutions that support data-driven decisions and drive engaging end-to-end customer experiences. To achieve this imperative, organizations have acquired dozens of point-based marketing applications and systems to obtain a complete view of the customer.

However, these marketing applications and data sources are often siloed, resulting in marketing teams making decisions and taking action on incomplete, redundant, or inaccurate data, which leads to lost sales and dissatisfied customers.

While Adobe's Analytics Cloud has been the go-to place for collecting and processing data for the various clouds, Adobe also uses its in-house artificial intelligence package, Sensei, to facilitate data sharing across the new all-encompassing platform.

SnapLogic provides the Snap API (application programming interfaces) connectors that it claims makes all of this interaction run smoothly, without any hiccups.

The new SnapLogic Snap Pack for Adobe Cloud Platform will become available to all customers in May. For more information, go here.

Chris Preimesberger

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