Trustwave Report Shows Enterprises Can't Hire Enough Security Staff

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Trustwave Report Shows Enterprises Can't Hire Enough Security Staff

Finding qualified IT Security staff is hard enough, but if these specialists fail to help an organization meet regulatory compliance it's likely they'll be fired, a Trustwave survey finds.

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Finding IT Talent is a Challenge

When asked about the biggest challenges related to IT security staffing, 57 percent of respondents indicated that recruiting and finding talent is a significant or major challenge.

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IT Security Staff Turnover is Not Higher Than Other Staff

While there is a constant flow of staff in and out of many organizations, 64 percent of respondents indicated that IT security staff turnover is not higher than other corporate departments.

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Experience Is The Most Highly Valued Attribute

The study clearly shows that 83 percent of the responding organizations indicated that experience was the most highly valued attribute in potential IT security job candidates.

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IT Staff Spend the Most Time on System Updates

When it comes to understanding how current IT staff spends their time, it turns out that security is not at the top of the list. Instead 40 percent of respondents indicated that they spend most of their time on system maintenance and update tasks.

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Email Security is a Top Priority

The survey found that 67 percent of respondents identified email security technology as sector that should be heavily or significantly funded.

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Security Testing Requires the Most Talented IT Staff

While email security was identified as a top priority, it's not the area of IT security that requires the most skilled IT staff members. The report stated that 64 percent of respondent identified security testing (including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing) as an area of IT requiring the most skilled staff.

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IT Professionals Get Fired for Failing to Meet Compliance Standards

While it's hard for organizations to find and retain IT security staff, there are several different reasons why an organization would choose to fire staff. The top reason (68 percent) is failing to meet regulatory compliance that led to a large fine or other penalty.

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IT Security Skills Shortage Means Higher Salaries, More Risks

As security threats continue to mount against organizations of all sizes around the world, demand for skilled cyber-security IT professionals has grown to the point that it far outstrips the available talent supply. To gauge the size and impact of the cyber-security skills shortage, Intel Security worked with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on a global report titled "Hacking the Skills Shortage." The study surveyed IT decision makers in Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States to identify IT security skills gaps and their perceived impact. Globally, 82 percent of respondents reported that their organizations currently have an IT security skills shortage. That skills shortage is expected to persist until at least 2020, with 15 percent of IT security jobs still going unfilled at that point. Among the effects of the...