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AppsFreedom 4.0 Empowers Citizen Developers

The AppsFreedom 4.0 solution enables non-programmers to build serious enterprise—Web and mobile—apps with no coding.

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AppsFreedom, a maker of software tools for non-programmers, has released a new version of its no-coding tool for building business apps.

AppsFreedom 4.0 empowers citizen developers to create applications and fortify shadow IT initiatives where stakeholders of various skills and positions are participating in building systems that move the enterprise forward.

"AppsFreedom 4.0 is the most advanced and comprehensive enterprise app development platform for citizen developers available today," said Vaidy Iyer, founder and CEO of AppsFreedom, in a statement. "Enterprise app development is optimized when the organization can harness the knowledge and creativity of every team member, and we are enabling IT to leverage its non-programming workforce and accelerate its delivery of apps."

Indeed, no programming experience is necessary to make the most of the AppsFreedom platform. The platform empowers users with the problem-solving orientation of a programmer—but without the formal training—to build apps, even sophisticated enterprise apps, and roll them out to business stakeholders in days, the company said.

As opposed to other non-programming platforms, which tend to be costly and time-consuming or do not empower citizen developers, AppsFreedom is simplified and aimed directly at line-of-business experts. The tool is a model-driven platform that enables users to generate apps from business process models with no coding required.

The company said enterprises using AppsFreedom are seeing tangible savings and productivity increases almost immediately, as IT departments are unburdened and they no longer require outsourced programming expertise. Evidence from case studies shows that AppsFreedom enables many IT departments to triple their efficiency and has saved one organization 22 days of user productivity annually.

A free demo with one-on-one support from the AppsFreedom staff is available here.