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CloudBees, Perfecto Mobile Team on Cloud-Based Continuous Integration

Perfecto Mobile and CloudBees announced a partnership to bring the continuous integration and delivery strengths of Jenkins to mobile app developers.

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Continuous delivery solutions provider CloudBees and Perfecto Mobile, provider of the MobileCloud Platform and integrated mobile application quality suite, have teamed up to deliver continuous integration to mobile developers.

The partnership enables CloudBees users to use the real mobile devices in the Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud for cross-platform functional and performance testing and real-time monitoring of mobile apps.

With the constant demand for new and updated mobile apps, developers are adopting Agile methodologies as businesses are experiencing increased pressure to improve their velocity of mobile app delivery without compromising app quality. This sets the foundation for Perfecto Mobile and CloudBees' partnership, where users can leverage continuous integration and continuous delivery to shift mobile app testing earlier into the development process.

The partnership supports Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud for Jenkins Plugin available for Jenkins users through two CloudBees continuous delivery offerings: Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees and DEV@cloud.

Jenkins is an open source, Java-based continuous integration tool. The CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform builds on the strength of the Jenkins CI continuous delivery hub and ecosystem and provides continuous delivery solutions for use on-premises and in the cloud.

"There is a shift happening in the market, causing enterprises to embrace new development practices such as continuous delivery and continuous integration to speed development and improve end-user experience as well as meet the demand for high quality applications," said Roi Carmel, senior vice president of product and strategy at Perfecto Mobile, in a statement. "As continuous delivery adoption grows, teams are rethinking their app development process and are becoming more agile in order to iteratively deliver the high-quality app experiences demanded by users. This partnership is a natural fit as the need for developing the app, testing it, and driving the expected quality is met on a single platform."

The MobileCloud for Jenkins Plugin offers developers access to the MobileCloud Platform and enables them to run automated unit, UI and performance testing on real devices in a cloud-based solution. They can remotely access thousands of real mobile devices connected to cellular networks around the world and leverage them throughout the mobile app delivery life cycle. Users also can run cross-platform test automation in Eclipse using Perfecto Mobile's Selenium WebDriver, which supports all app styles—browser, hybrid and native.

"The MobileCloud for Jenkins Plugin enables CloudBees customers to have a more integrated experience, leveraging Jenkins Enterprise to orchestrate and automate testing of their apps on Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud," said Andrew Lee, vice president of business development at CloudBees, in a statement. "The result is that developers can consistently deliver the higher quality applications their customers expect to meet the pace of industry demands."