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Genuitec Secure Delivery Center Prioritizes IT, Dev Options

Genuitec delivered an update to its Secure Delivery Center that helps with DevOps by enabling IT administrators and team leads to work in sync.


Genuitec, a maker of productivity tools for developers, announced a new update to its Secure Delivery Center (SDC) product that introduces new split responsibility options for development teams.

With Service Release 1 for Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center 2014, team leads are now able to customize their tools based on centralized packages set up by IT administrators. And administrators can manage updates across their enterprise while allowing team leads to control parts of their integrated development environment (IDE). Service Release 1 for SDC 2014 can be downloaded here

Moreover, with the new Advanced Team Delegation capabilities in the SDC tool suite, IT administrators can establish compliance with the tool stacks delivered to development teams, Genuitec said.

"Advanced Team Delegation in SDC lets you sneak in compliance to software development teams with ease," Tim Webb, director of sales strategy and innovation at Genuitec, said in a statement. "Add [to that] the flexibility of centralizing and enforcing standard software with compliance settings without disrupting your developers' secret sauce. SDC 2014 SR1 makes it simple to find the right balance when supporting a team of software developers."

Indeed, Advanced Team Delegation in SDC 2014 SR1 simplifies complex tooling setups. By enabling administrators to split responsibilities with team leads, Genuitec helps users focus on the issues that are important to them. Administrators can focus on top-level functions like security, compliance and version control. Team leads can focus on managing team-specific tools and project-level settings. And developers can focus on writing code.

Todd Williams, vice president of technology at Genuitec, said SDC was built with teams in mind, making management of tools and installs a breeze. The product enables users to grab plug-ins and tools from the cloud, and even pull in company-specific tools. And SDC delivers tools at the right time to ensure that teams are always in sync. As such, the tool can be effective in DevOps environments.

Additionally, SDC makes getting the latest versions of plug-ins and tools to entire teams simple, the company said. SDC provides a notification center to alert users of any updates, and administrators and team leads can update at will. Administrators also can use the SDC test center to ensure that updates work cohesively with existing tools. And, when vetted, a simple click adds the update to team packages, making adoption instantaneous.

Williams said SDC packages and delivers everything teams need to start coding on Day One into a consolidated package. Setting up packages requires minimal effort, and most teams are up and running in 20 minutes, the company said. For a 30-day complimentary trial version, click available.