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InterSystems' Zen Mojo Eases Enterprise Web App Development

InterSystems' new Zen Mojo technology leverages JSON to simplify development of Web-based enterprise apps for mobile and desktop platforms.

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InterSystems, a provider of database, analytics and integration technologies, has announced Zen Mojo, a new technology for faster and easier development of Web-based applications for mobile and desktop environments.

The offering, which builds on InterSystems' existing Zen technology, is a lean framework that leverages JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The Zen Mojo technology is embedded in InterSystems Caché, the company's massively scalable database that is used in big data applications.

"We developed Zen Mojo in response to customer demand for a faster, more efficient way to create cross-platform Web-based applications for both desktop and mobile environments," said Robert Nagle, vice president of Data Platforms at InterSystems, in a statement. "Web application development is evolving very quickly, and the world has moved on from server-generated HTML. The open framework of Zen Mojo allows developers to easily integrate their UI library of choice."

Zen Mojo simplifies the development of data-rich, enterprise-class Web applications that take advantage of the innate functionality and highly responsive user interfaces of mobile devices. The open-source plug-in framework allows rapid adoption of new and rapidly evolving client libraries.

"Zen Mojo enables us to more rapidly adapt our laboratory management solutions for mobile technologies," said Marcelo Lorencin, president of Shift Consultoria, a Brazilian software company and InterSystems partner. "Our solutions now provide medical teams with quick access to laboratory test results and electronic patient records from any device. Our strong partnership with InterSystems has helped us increase agility and efficiency for hospitals and healthcare facilities, while also fostering greater patient engagement. Patients can now view their own lab results and, with the right permissions, the results of family members from mobile devices."

Zen Mojo simplifies the development of Web-based apps by enabling developers to create Single-Page Applications (SPAs). SPAs represent an efficient approach that reduces back-and-forth communication with the server. SPA is an evolution away from the stateless page-redraw model that browsers were originally designed for—instead of generating HTML that is shipped from server to client, the server transmits metadata necessary for the client to render new content. This metadata drives the layout of the page and includes all the display data as well. The result is a fast, lean approach for developers, while giving users engaging UIs with access to enterprise data from any device.

Zen Mojo uses a plug-in interface for easy integration of JavaScript user interface libraries, like jQuery Mobile or the Dojo Toolkit. This approach enables developers to select new client functionality for Zen Mojo as soon as it arises. The technology can also be easily used with frameworks such as PhoneGap for quickly building cross-platform mobile apps.