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Google Gives Free Online Training for Maps SDK for iOS

Google is offering a free online course to developers who want to update their skills using the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

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Give credit to Google for giving Google Maps developers plenty of options for training and improving their skills so that they can build better online maps for users.

In its latest training iteration, Google is offering a free online course through the Code School program to developers who want to update their skills using the Google Maps SDK for iOS, according to Mike Jeffrey, a Maps API team member, who wrote about the course in an April 16 post on the Google Geo Developers Blog.

"Are you an iOS developer interested in adding a map to your application?" wrote Jeffrey. "The instructional experts at Code School set out to create a course introducing the Google Maps SDK for iOS to developers like you."

The Exploring Google Maps for iOS course covers "everything from adding a simple map, to using geocoding and directions, to incorporating Street View in iOS," wrote Jeffrey. "You'll end up with a working sample application and gain the knowledge you need to build your own amazing Google Maps-based apps. Learn from videos, sample code and Xcode-based coding challenges."

The course is organized into seven levels that students can take in order to build on each lesson. The lessons also include how to display a map, how to show markers on a map, creating markers from a network request, drawing lines and shapes on maps and how to display a street view, according to the course description.

Google released its latest Maps SDK for iOS in July 2013, when it introduced several features that gave developers more flexibility and creativity in adding new capabilities to their Maps apps. The first iOS SDK was unveiled by Google in December 2012. Previously, adding Street View images to iOS Maps apps meant adding extra code, but the new SDK streamlined that by building the capabilities into the development environment. Developers can add markers to their maps, which can be clicked on by users to direct them to or from the locations on the maps.

Also built into the latest SDK are capabilities for developers to show users indoor floor plans inside buildings such as shopping malls, airports, train stations and other facilities where floor plans have been mapped out and made available on Street View.