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EyeVerify Does Eye Biometric Authentication but With a Twist

Eyeprint ID v2.0 will be released in January as an SDK for developers who want to build the capabilities into mobile apps that demand strong, reliable security.

EyeVerify Biometric Authentication

EyeVerify's latest biometric eye authentication and identification product, Eyeprint ID v2.0, will be released in January 2015 as an SDK for developers who want to build the capabilities into mobile apps that demand strong, reliable security.

EyeVerify's Eyeprint ID technology takes a different approach from that of competitors in capturing eye scans to authenticate and identify users of its mobile security services. Instead of taking iris or retina scans of users, which competitors offer, Eyeprint ID analyzes the unique patterns of blood vessels in the whites of the eyes to ensure proper identification.

That means that the scans can be done with a user's smartphone camera for quick and easy mobile identification and authentication, rather than using traditional iris or retina scanning hardware that's usually required for eye scans.

The upcoming new version of Eyeprint ID v2.0 was announced by the company Nov. 3 as a way for users to authenticate themselves to Websites such as mobile banking, financial services and others, without the need for special iris or retina scanning hardware, according to the company.

Eyeprint ID v2.0 is an SDK and not an app that can be installed on devices. Instead, the services are built into applications using the SDK. This lets users employ the biometrics services.

The new version includes a key change that will now allow users to look straight into their smartphones' camera lenses to be identified through an image. Previously, they had to look up and to the left into the camera lens, making it a bit trickier to be identified. The updated process is as easy as taking a selfie, according to the company. The updated version, which is in final beta testing, is also expected to be significantly faster.

By using Eyeprint ID, users can log into mobile sites in lieu of having to enter a PIN number, password or by using a fingerprint.

Eyeprint ID v2.0 will be available in early January 2015 for iOS and Android devices and apps.

EyeVerify launched in January 2012 as a startup aimed at delivering improved access authentication for smartphones that access corporate networks or highly secured sites such as bank Websites, according to a previous eWEEK report.