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Google Looking for Internal Security Cop


Clearly worried about the insider threat to its corporate assets, search marketing giant Google is looking for an Investigator/Threat Analyst to examine "deviations from company policies or acts against Google."

According to a job listing first sighted by Search Engine Land, the new hire will report to the Director of Corporate Safety & Security and will be tasked with collecting and analyzing information to help define and assess threats to Google's operations and assets.

In a nutshell, the internal security cop will have to:

  • Develop protocols and practices to assess and mitigate threats to company assets, and to manage crises.
  • Deliver threat assessment services by collecting, evaluating and disseminating accurate and timely intelligence information to appropriate managers.
  • Investigate possible violations of Google's security/HR/Finance policies, Code of Conduct, or other business conditions and provides appropriate reports to management summarizing the findings.
  • Conduct audits and other research to identify process deficiencies which could allow inappropriate business conduct and recommend protocols and policies to address those weaknesses.
  • Develops strong relationships with domestic and international law enforcement and intelligence services counterparts, as well as private-sector counterparts worldwide.

The only surprise around this job listing is that a company the size/value of Google does not already have someone policing its assets. It's well-established that the insider threat is probably the most serious link on the risk-management chain, meaning that a dedicated position to handle mitigation, incident response and forensics is a no-brainer.

* Image via edans' Flickr photostream (Creative Commons 2.0).