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KezNews Vista Activation Hack Bogus

I had to laugh at this comment left on the post, which was about users' claims to have hacked Vista product activation:

"After having bought and installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit, I doubt the sanity of anyone who makes the change. I wouldn't do it again for free, especially illegally. —Gregory Steffey"

Well, Gregory, it's looking like you were right to doubt sanity. I'm still waiting for Microsoft's Alex Kochis, a senior product manager on the Genuine Windows team, to blog about this topic, which a Microsoft spokesperson said he'd do today, but it's still a no show.

It's moot, anyway. A new post on KezNews from the author of the alleged hack calls the brute-force key generator "a joke" that he/she never intended to work.

"I have never gotten it to work, everyone should stop using it! everyone who said they got a key are probably lying or mistaken! i suggest everyone uses the 120 day 3x rearm method."

Now the KezNews keystone kops are arguing over whether the hack actually works, including a posted video clip that supposedly shows it working.

Not.... touching... with ... 10-foot ... pole....