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McAfee--Not RSA--Hooks Up with EMC to Secure PCs Online

This item is a bit strange. McAfee, the world's second-largest IT security company behind RSA Security, said May 18 that it plans to partner with storage giant EMC to offer online PC backup services.

This is odd for this reason: EMC already owns a security division (RSA, as a matter of fact). Why would it need to go outside its own firewall to obtain these services?

EMC, the world's largest external-disk storage company, plans to offer consumers unlimited Web-based backup for personal computers using its own Decho division (formerly called Mozy). It will charge users about $5 per month ($50 to $60 a year) for this, McAfee Executive Vice President Todd Gebhart told analysts.

So what's EMC's story? Well, RSA, which secures entire data centers and networks, apparently doesn't have a product that handles online storage for PCs.

Who knew?

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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