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Vladuz Back on eBay, Promoting His Upcoming Media Tour

The Romanian hacker who goes by the handle of "Vladuz" on March 13, 10:53 EDT, was back on a German eBay forum, posing as an eBay adminstrator in spite of eBay's claims that he had only stumbled across an internal e-mail once and managed to get the attached employee log-ins and passwords.

Posting as "vladuzpower," the hacker responded to a forum discussion regarding the mainstream media's obliviousness to Vladuz's eBay hacks. Those hacks over the past two months have included leaving a calling card behind with his or her name, spelled backwards, attached to malicious code injected into live auctions; taunting eBay by posting to its forums as a customer service rep; and allegedly selling copyrighted eBay hacking tools online.

In his most recent "pink" posting, Vladuz/Vladuzpower advised forum members to tune in to CNN on March 15 for a "surprise," although "I'm not promising anything," he said.

He or she also posted to eBay's U.S. Trust & Safety forum posing as an eBay employee and using the handle "vladuzpower." The now-censored thread originally showed that Vladuz/Vladuzpower posted a picture of what is supposedly Tahiti in answer to a question regarding where he or she is located. Rumor has it that the Romanian hacker is no longer in Romania.

eBay hadn't responded to an inquiry by the time this was posted.

Vladuz, I'm jealous. You talked to CNN and not me? Sheesh. See if I write about you anymore. ;-)