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You PWN It, You Own It

If you haven't heard already, you're going to have to put on your Mac hacking cap for CanSecWest Vancouver 2007, in April. The show organizers plan to set up two pimped, fully loaded Apple Macbook Pros on their own AP. They'll have security updates, but otherwise it's all default. Attendees will be able to connect to the Ethernet or WiFi.

The first two attendees to pwn the Macs get to take one home. The organizers have conditions to determine what a successful exploit is and plan to issue progressive rules over the three days of the show.

Limit is one Mac per person, and the same vulnerability can't be used on both.

If the Macs make it through alive and unpwned, they'll be prizes for the best "lightning talk" and best speaker.

Show organizers are promising contest rules soon.