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Altosoft Adds Predictive Analytics to Its Frontline Platform

Insight 5.0 is designed to give enterprises the ability to rapidly assemble, analyze and visualize large amounts of complex data.

Business analytics provider Altosoft has introduced a new version of its frontline in-memory product, Altosoft Insight 5.0.

Insight 5.0 is designed to give enterprises the ability to rapidly assemble, analyze and visualize large amounts of complex data to optimize operational effectiveness and profitability.

Altosoft claims that Insight 5.0 delivers two key new features: It provides virtually unlimited scalability by overcoming the inefficiencies and architectural limits of first generation in-memory products, and it introduces process-based predictive analytics.

A new addition to the Insight platform is Altosoft's own MapAggregate, which combines fast in-memory processing with the scalability and flexibility of a distributed in-memory model. Using MapAggregate, enterprises can scale beyond the single-server limits common to all first-generation in-memory BI products by intelligently using the memory available on any physical or virtual server.

Altosoft is also introducing a new predictive analytics capability called continuous simulation. This provides a mechanism for improved operational forecasting based on business processes being monitored by the Insight platform. These forecasts are continually updated and refined based on the actual operational data being collected by Insight, resulting in higher accuracy.

Other features include the conversion of all configuration and management tools to HTML5, eliminating the need for any software installation on users machines or the plugins such as Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash/Flex common to many other BI tools.

Still other enhancements enable customers to support hundreds of projects on a single instance of the Insight platform while supporting dozens of independent teams.

Insight 5.0 will be available for early release in May and will be generally available in late June.

Altosoft competes in the $40 billion business intelligence software market that includes such well-known companies as SAS, SAP, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and a number of others.

Altosoft is owned by Irvine, Calif.-based Kofax Limited (NASDAQ and LSE: KFX), a diversified provider of intelligent process applications for the so-called "first mile" of customer interactions.

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