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Altus Making Conference Videos Searchable, Web-Available

Following a professional conference, most of us return loaded down with things like: a) yet another cheapo backpack, b) a pile of company brochures, c) a stack of new business cards, and d) schwaggy items, like T-shirts and light-up yo-yo's.

Unless you've videoed all the events you attended, you'll have to rely on your notes and perhaps some PowerPoint or PDF docs in order to remember the important professional information you absorbed.

Not any more, however. Now, for a growing number of conferences, attendees can simply go online and review the keynote or seminar they attended, to make sure they didn't miss anything -- or to simply to keep the presentation for reference.

Altus Learning Systems is the company specializing in doing this, and it appears to be getting busier all the time as people discover it. Its software captures corporate event videos, then enables them to be produced, stored, and delivered to large, geographically dispersed audiences. The result: facilitating knowledge sharing, training, and communication in a much more effective manner.

Everything's in one place, accessible via the Web, and secure. It can be saved in different formats as needed, too. Enterprises like systematics, and this fits the bill for information storage and sharing.

Lot of digital storage involved, too, as one might imagine.

What's really cool about this, however, is that these video docs are completely searchable -- so that if you're looking for a specific word, person, graphic, phrase, or topic, the content is accessible on-demand where it can be instantly located and reused.

Journalists like yours truly will find this valuable to check quotes, for example, when company executives say outlandish things. We imagine lawyers will delight in this, too.

This concept is catching on. Let's take last fall's OracleWorld conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco as one example of a show that Altus covered.

Get this: About 14,000 registered attendees were on hand for the four-day conference -- yet more than 196,000 downloads of conference content have been recorded since then. Yowsa!

What can your own company do with a service like this? We bet you can think of a few.

Check the Altus Web site for a short video interview by the inimitable IT blogger/Tweeter and former Station colleague Robert Scoble with CEO/founder Ted Cocheu, who can explain this better than we can describe.

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