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Aptare Introduces New File Analytics Package for Storage

Storage-reporting and monitoring software vendor Aptare continues to push out the boundaries of what it provides to customers.
For several years, Aptare has supplied trusted, open standards-based storage reporting, monitoring and alerting software products that increase the efficiency of enterprise storage deployments and reduce costs. Even though it's only been doing advanced reporting on enterprise backup environments for a short while, it has about 700 loyal enterprise customers, and that number is growing rapidly.
Now the Los Gatos, Calif.-based company is adding file analytics for unstructured data to its lineup. And just in the nick of time: An increasing number of companies are looking for help in monetizing their stored-up business and customer-related data so that their bottom lines can look better for boards of directors and stockholders.
Aptare's new StorageConsole File Analytics, launched Dec. 6, represents a paradigm shift in how unstructured data is discovered, captured, profiled and analyzed, CEO Rick Clark told The Station.
The explosion of unstructured data has become an enormous problem for corporations in managing their information. StorageConsole File Analytics is a scalable software package that uses high-velocity, agentless data collectors optimized to ensure minimal impact on the underlying infrastructure while profiling a global storage environment.
File Analytics also uses a patented, purpose-built database to store metadata on billions of files, and then the metadata is analyzed for insight into file usage, categorization and trending to help IT take control and manage the growth of unstructured data.
"Unstructured data accounts for 90 percent of enterprise data -- according to IDC -- and its growth is accelerating," Clark said. "Managing unstructured data is important for reducing storage and compliance costs and minimizing corporate risk. This task has been painfully difficult due to the time, resources, and overhead required to collect the immense volume of metadata and digest into actionable business intelligence."
The new package, Clark said, enables users to glean analytics and trending across their global unstructured data footprint in a near real-time fashion. Because it's based on open standards, the new package integrates with most data management IT that may already be deployed.
It may seem like a pretty basic concept, but Aptare's File Analytics also makes it possible for enterprises to "take inventory" of sorts, in order to identify an organization's global digital assets during first pass e-discovery.
Knowledgable IT managers already know how easy it is to lose track of assets, especially within global-scope companies.

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