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Axcient Speeds Up Data Transfer in Cloud Storage

The software tracks unique block-level changes across all protected devices in real time, then sends only the changed blocks to the cloud.

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Small-business cloud storage and disaster-recovery provider Axcient on Sept. 26 came out with a proprietary new WAN-optimized cloud sync protocol that accelerates data transfer from a local Axcient appliance to the cloud.

The software does this by intelligently tracking unique block-level changes across all protected devices in an organization in real time, then sending only the changed blocks to the cloud. Axcient claims the general result is an up-to-60-times improvement in data transfer because there are no duplications involved.

Earlier in the month, Axcient launched a new architecture in its Cloud Continuity product that improves reliability and speed while reducing costs for many users. The 4x speed enhancement was achieved by changing the read/write process of data storage in Axcient's private cloud.

The update also reduces the amount of power consumed for high-volume data operations, helping users reduce operating expenses. The enhancement also allows for the consolidation of storage hardware, reducing the overall data center footprint.

Back in 2011, Axcient launched Cloud Continuity, a cloud service aimed at small and midsize businesses that enables companies to launch all their servers in Axcient's cloud. When local servers fail, users can run a virtual office on Axcient's cloud platform, enabling employees to continue working on their data and applications, and from any Internet-enabled device at any location.

The company said Cloud Continuity can be set up in minutes and doesn't require users to make any changes to their network environment, install any software or make any upfront investments; the platform is offered as a monthly service. Built on HP hardware, Cloud Continuity is offered as a pay-as-you-grow service.

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