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Barracuda Adds 'Dedupe' to Backup Agent Software Package

Secure storage appliance maker Barracuda Networks, which has only been producing storage software for several months, has added deduplication to its Barracuda Backup Agent, a lightweight client-side application.

Barracuda Networks—which should not be confused with Seagate's Barracuda line of hard drives—already features block-level, inline deduplication in its Barracuda Backup Service in the cloud. Barracuda claims that the BBS can yield reductions in backup storage requirements between 20 and 50 times over what is required for traditional backup or snapshot technologies, which enables users to reduce backup windows and bandwidth requirements.

That may seem hard to believe, but it's probably pretty accurate. The Station has heard of deduplication savings of more than 80 percent in some systems, and the sources are credible.

The Barracuda Backup Service includes an on-site appliance and off-site cloud-based backup and storage. It intelligently targets only new data—or data that has changed during the previous backup runs—and uses aggressive data deduplication techniques to reduce the storage footprint of data added to the backup archive.

The BBS combined with the new Barracuda Backup Agent enables more frequent backups and reduces file-transfer requirements for backups by analyzing source data, isolating new transactions at the bit level, and only copying, transferring and archiving new bit sequences, Barracuda said. This advanced data deduplication is applied within the revision history of a single file or data set as well as across the entire backup volume.

The Barracuda Backup Agent natively backs up data from Windows systems, including Exchange, SQL Server and Windows System State. Off-site storage is allocated in 100GB increments for $50 per month each.

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