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Big Week of Storage-Type News Coming Up

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Hope you saw The Station's exclusive interview with Dell CEO Michael Dell (why doesn't anyone ever call him Mike?) and Global Storage Director Praveen Asthana on eWEEK's main section the other day.

Good, interesting, valuable points of view, plus a few funny analogies. If you'd rather read it on paper, it'll be featured prominently in the Feb. 18 issue of what we call "the book."

Busy week coming up. On Wednesday, Sun Microsystems is calling all IT reporters to its Menlo Park campus, situated on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, for a media day hoo-haw of sorts. They're offering lunch, so you know somebody will show up.

CEO Jonathan Schwartz and chief lieutenants John Fowler and Rich Green will be the key speakers. Topics: An overall look at how Sun is doing, where it wants to put its resources, its '08 "roadmap," and all that jazz. They've got some good ideas in the pipeline. The Station has seen some new things -- SunSpots, for example. They're little autonomous, rugged, Java-powered sensor boxes with a lot of possible uses. We'll go into that a bit later. Sun day could be newsy; we'll see.

Symantec is getting ready to announce a major SaaS product/service, so we should be getting that info this week. Atempo, Compellent, TekTools, Xythos, Virtela, Neterion, Lefthand Networks and CleverSafe are all coming up with news items this week. Whew!

We'll try to tackle them one by one and give you all a full report.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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