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CloudPassage Speeds Up, Simplifies Its Cloud VM Security

The update makes it faster and more effective for Global 2000 companies to detect and react to security vulnerabilities in virtualized environments.

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Virtual machine and cloud system security provider CloudPassage has released its latest version of Halo, which it bills as the only software-defined security platform purpose-built for cloud and virtualized storage infrastructure.

The new capabilities announced Nov. 4 make it faster and more effective for Global 2000 companies to detect and react to security vulnerabilities in virtualized environments, CEO Carson Sweet said.

Hackers and organized crime IT intruders are taking advantage of the "disruptive changes [that] are occurring in corporate IT environments as large enterprises accelerate adoption of public and private cloud solutions," Sweet, a 22-year veteran of the security industry, said. "As a result, new security strategies and solutions are urgently needed."

Halo is doing its part to provide some of these new capabilities. The latest release includes:

--Halo Audit Mode, which offers greater visibility for large, global enterprises by enabling companies to monitor their virtual infrastructure without affecting system availability or performance. Halo's lightweight agent, integrated with cloud orchestration tools, ensures administrators within seconds any new workload in the cloud can be assessed for vulnerabilities and made immediately accountable to security policies; and

--Halo Log-Based Intrusion-Detection System, which allows immediate visibility and notification when security anomalies are detected in watched log files. Policies and enforcement can be defined for specific indicators of risk, compromise or error to enable quick security action. Organizations can also monitor network or system activities for malicious behaviors or policy violations, and automatically generate alerts and reports.

This latter feature gives, regardless of scale, the near-real-time ability to detect unauthorized accounts being created, application security errors, changes to host firewall configurations, and other events that can threaten the security and compliance of an organization, Sweet said.

"It's become clear that perimeter-based security models simply won't work. CloudPassage solves these issues with a flexible, elastic software-defined security platform that delivers the abstraction, automation and orchestration required with modern infrastructure," said Nate Lindstrom, vice president of technology operations for OneLogin.
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