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CommVault Hooks Up With Several Cloud Storage Providers

CommVault seems to be a very sociable storage company. It is playing nicely with several hot online storage providers, and with the way cloud storage is growing, this appears to be a very smart move.

The New Jersey-based company announced Feb. 1 that it is shipping a new "cloud connector" for its Simpana storage software, one that enables users to move their on-site backup and archived data into either private or public cloud storage without a lot of coding or the need for a gateway appliance. That was the key first move that enabled all these new partnerships.

The idea, of course, is for CommVault customers to save storage costs. Instead of keeping everything on site, they can move their less-frequently accessed data from more costly tiered spinning disks and tape archives to lower-cost cloud storage accounts. This works for content from Oracle and SAP databases, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint systems, and virtualized data.

Simpana now hooks up readily with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft's MSN online service, Nirvanex and others to handle the workloads. Embedded data deduplication and encryption modules are included to keep the data lean.

Nirvanix's Storage Delivery Network is now accessible as a scalable offsite storage target for CommVault customers, enabling secure transfer of deduplicated backup and archive data directly to any of its globally distributed storage nodes on up to three continents.

In another tack, Seven10 Storage Software, an Iron Mountain partner, supplies a cloud gateway/connector for both Iron Mountain and EMC Atmos. One day, all of these providers who use open standards may be able to hook up and give customers even more choices.

Seven10's job is to archive a copy of each file to each storage tier, so there are multiple backups. If the cloud service were ever to fail, the software automatically accesses the needed information from a different tier with no interruption in service.

Iron Mountain also announced that CommVault has joined the Iron Mountain Developer Program to integrate Simpana software with Iron Mountain's Archive Services Platform. Once the integration is completed, CommVault customers will have access to Iron Mountain's enterprise-class cloud storage.

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