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Dell Integrates NetVault Backup Into Disk Backup Appliance

The integration is part of Dell Software's ongoing initiative to provide new integrated, end-to-end storage packages.

Dell Software, which was Quest Software until last year, said Oct. 1 that its enterprise data protection product, NetVault Backup, now has been fully integrated with the Dell DR4100, a scalable disk backup appliance with built-in deduplication and compression capabilities.

The integration is part of Dell Software's ongoing initiative to provide integrated, end-to-end storage packages. Dell said the new seamless integration between NetVault Backup and the DR4100 enables users to minimize network traffic and shrink backup windows while protecting critical data across various operating systems.

NetVault Backup now uses the DR4100 Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology, which provides a deeper level of integration and automation. NetVault retains end-to-end control of all backup tasks while delegating control of storage management to the DR4100 appliance.

Other key features include:

--Faster backups: Tighter integration between NetVault and the DR4100 via RDA results in significantly faster backup rates. Enterprise Strategy Group lab testing with multiple simultaneous streams validated a 7.5TB-per-hour ingest rate using this solution, Dell said.

--Source-side deduplication: Thanks to DR4100's advanced deduplication and compression, NetVault users can now deduplicate data directly at the source of the backup. This source-side approach minimizes backup traffic over the network, while test results show that the use of deduplication can reduce the overall storage footprint by up to 91 percent.

--Optimized replication for efficient disaster recovery: Users can now schedule and manage replication of deduplicated data from one DR4100 appliance to another, directly from the NetVault Backup console, enabling a variety of disaster recovery and remote-office backup scenarios. NetVault is automatically made aware of the completion and location of replicated data copies, enabling fast restores and reliable disaster recovery.

--Consolidated tape storage: As data volumes grow and businesses become more distributed across remote sites, decentralized tape libraries have become increasingly expensive to maintain and time-consuming to manage. NetVault Backup users can now ease that burden by replicating backup data from multiple DR4100 appliances to a single target, and then archiving that consolidated data to tape.

Dell Software said it will provide similar integration between the DR4100 and its vRanger VMware backup, replication and recovery solution beginning in the first quarter of calendar year 2014.

NetVault Backup and the DR4100 are available direct from Dell and through the channel.

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